Shown on this page is a representation of our available bows. Please contact us for details on any item you are interested in.

Bows priced above 10K:

Violin Bow by H.C. Lamy, Paris

Fine Violin Bow by F.N. Voirin


Bows priced 5K to 10K:

Fine ViolIn Bow by John Greenwood, San Francisco

Fine Violin Bow by Paul Martin Siefried


Bows priced 1K to 5K:

Pernambuco Violin bow by A. Carvalho, Brazil. Snakewood

Jackson Fornaciari Cello Bow


Manoel Francisco Violin Bow I

Manoel Francisco Violin Bow II


Pernambuco Violin bow by C. Chagas, Brazil

Pernambuco Violin bow by D. Carvalho, Brazil